Average salary has been increasing year by year. For instance, from 1986 – 2005, the average salary of professor increased by 4.4%. The increasing rate is low when compared to other organization that employs highly educated people. Nevertheless, the average salary of professor varies from college to another, it also depends on the academic qualification and college degree. In 2006, the average salary of professors varies from a low value of about $55, 941 for professors with bachelor’s degree to a high value of approximately $74, 299 for professors with doctorate degree. The salary for professors with doctorate degree also varies in value from one institution to another. For example, a professor working in a private or church related institution earns more than a professor working in a public institution.

In conclusion, the money, though part of it, should not be the driving force to become a professor. You need hard work, commitment, determination, and good communication skill to become an admired professor.


Before you can become a certified professor, there are some requirement or qualifications you need to acquire. Becoming a professor as a career requires you to be a graduate. In additional to this, not limited to, you must be an expert or specialist in your field and must be ready to share your knowledge with others. Professors often lecture or teach students academic topics that are relevant in pursuing their universities degrees. Their research, being a professor, are unique and usually stand out. They also publish academic journals and books, conduct seminars or inaugural lectures as well as evaluate students. Few of these are briefly discussed below:

  1. Academic qualification: In higher institution, becoming g a professors require you to have a minimum of doctorate degree in your field of study in academics. To obtain a doctorate degree, you must undergo 3 years of study above the master’s degree. You might be hired as a professor in a community college or career training center if your academic qualification is a master degree. However in some institutions, you must have completed education course work before you can be honored a professor. A doctorate student will have to pursue a unique research work in their area of study in order to become a professor.


  1. Be an expert in your field: Apart from being a lecturer in a university, you need to be a specialist in your area to become a professor in that field. Many professor attained this goal by carrying out unique research as part of their post doctorate project. By publishing these discoveries in journals, buildup of specialization are formed. In most of the higher institution where professorship is being awarded, they require you to tender the history of research works before you can be stamped a professor. You can as well fulfil the research obligation if you have conducted a research in a company you’ve once worked for.


  1. Teaching by experience: Many Higher institutions prefer to hire professors with some level of experience in teaching. There isn’t any teacher as good as experience. Isn’t it? As a graduate, you can improved your teaching experience by working as a lecturer assistant while you enrol in doctorate degree program. Working as an assistant lecturer, being a graduate, will help you gain experience in the conducting lectures and evaluating students. Your supervisor can expose and recommend you for any job opportunity; this is one of the advantage of being an assistant lecturer. A graduate can move from being an assistant lecturer to becoming an adjunct professor, assistant professor, associate professor and finally become a full professor.


  1. Good communication skills: To become a professor, it is very paramount to have or develop a good communication skills. You must be able to address the public. The primary of impacting knowledge to your student is through lectures or seminars, if you are not effective in communication, you might end up wasting your time and effort. Therefore, good communication skill is a very important factor in becoming a professor. As an effective speaker, you will not only have deep understanding of the course or subject matter, you will also be passionate about the subject. This excitement are usually transmitted to the audience, hence making them lively and interested in your teaching. You can also make use of good accent as much as it didn’t obstruct the understanding of your audience or student. If your student cannot understand what you are saying, the class end up being boring. All you will be staring at is a demoralized class. You must be effective in presenting a subject that is not familiar to your student as a professor. You can as well write textbooks to supplement your students’ understanding.


  1. Determination: You should be determined and motivated to become a professor if it indeed suits your personality. If the driving force of you becoming a professor is money, you might end up in struggle. Becoming a successful professor requires that you love teaching people or sharing your knowledge with others. You need to couple this with patience, otherwise you will always have problem with your class and you might eventually end up in frustration. Becoming a professor becomes much easier if you have all the characteristics listed above.


Commitment: You need to devote quality time in making research and preparing lecture, irrespective of the knowledge you’ve already acquired in your field. There have been several cases of professors who have the knowledge of the subject, but, they are failure in passing the knowledge across to their students. To avoid such failure, you need to devise strategies in to become an effective communicators so that your students can have better understanding of the course material.


According to Word Web dictionary, a professor is a person in the highest ranking position in a university. It is popularly shortened as “prof”. A professor is a person who is well recognized and have accomplished great things in academic. It is no doubt the highest rank in academic in most university in commonwealth nations, north Europe inclusive. Professor is given as a title to scholars who has acquired the doctorate degree or equivalent degree and he or she is teaching in four-year program universities. There are assistant professors and associate professors. These set of people are not regarded as professor in many countries. Associate professor is given to academician that above a senior lecture and below a full professor. Associate professor is substituted for a Reader in Australia.

Professorship is not limited to academic level only. Many universities in several countries can reward or commend notable athletes, celebrities, or dignitaries with honorary professor title. That is, professor by honor. These individuals does not necessarily need to have academic qualifications for professorship. Also, these set of people cannot undertake academic work in the institution that honored them with the title. Mostly, professor as a title is used for academic positions rather than for honoring sake.